The winner of Roland Garros Ana Ivanovic withdraws from tennis

Ana Ivanovic has announced his retirement from the world of tennis, this news surprised the world of so-called white sport, since the acclaimed Serbia with only 29 years was one of the darlings of the fans of the sport, journalists, and fashion, to be considered one of the most beautiful women in competition.
Ana, earned by dint of a quality game, the privilege of having been as no. 1 in the WTA rankings and 2008 was the champion of Roland Garros, apropos held very soon another edition of the Open, French remember part their achievements and we invite you not to go to buy their tickets online and live the emotions of this sport since the courts.
Ivanovic began practicing the sport at the age of 5, his record in titles encompass 15 tournaments, including the great Roland Garros in 2008, said in 3 Grand Slam and a final of the Federation Cup.
The surprise announcement of withdrawal

Through social networks began to roll the information, the same Ana made public his decision citing among its reasons, the latest injuries which have prevented him from being the best level, requiring a requirement as much as tennis sport. “I only play if I can perform at my highest level, and now I cannot do it more” announced Ivanovic.
For 28 December 2016 was speculated on the subject since the player had announced to publicize some important news that day, some betting to a possible pregnancy after his new marriage with the soccer player Bastian Schweinsteiger, perhaps for refusing to see it in retirement.
To confirm the decision the information circulated by all the networks, the world of tennis made him the player with messages to reach and support the recognition deserved to one of the most charismatic exponents of the sport in its history. Injuries and some details of his life in the well, ended up doing it take the decision despite wanting to attempt to return to its level.
Roland Garros in 2008 and its take-off as Star

It was the month of June 2008, and at the end of that memorable French Open in Paris, the then number 2 the Ivanovic world of 20 years, due to Dinara Safina, a year ago the Serbian was in the same final, but couldn’t with Justin Henin, so his triumph marked a season of dreams and his birth as Star and idol on the women’s circuit.
These two finals in Paris, the final in Melbourne and reaching the semis at Wimbledon meant his arrival as the number 1 ranking.
With a formidable kick, a bad right and a backhand very well covered, be seen that the legacy of the player would be very extensive, however, it was not so, would never win a Grand Slam or could be in another major final.
It was not until the year 2015, when he could get into the semifinals of the French Open, was a possible return to big-time if it triumphed at Roland Garros, but could not advance from there, retires today, but will continue in philanthropic activities and as U.N. Ambassador, also that insurance we will see it on the catwalks and fashion world.
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