The Swansea dismisses Laudrup



The Danish coach, who was in his second year on the Welsh club bench, leaves the team two points ahead of the relegation.

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Michael Laudrup, former Danish coach and coach of Swansea, has been dismissed following the agreement that the Welsh coach and club have finally reached. Thus, Laudrup leaves the Swansea after 24 days in the Premier League, leaving the team in twelfth place in the table, just two points down. To his credit, the League Cup last season.

“It is a decision that we did not like to take,” Swansea said in a statement. Provisionally the member of the technical body Alan Curtis and the player Garry Monk lead, for now, to the Welsh set. “It’s the first time in almost ten years that we have to remove the coach for what surrounds the future of the club.” Huw Jenkin, president of the entity, said referring to the extra-sports problems that the group is going through.

“Now we have to move on and put an end to this uncertainty. We want to thank Michael Laudrup for the work he has done during these 18 months and we thank him for the best for the future. I hope our supporters can understand this decision. ” Jenkins finished. The Spanish Swansea, a team that includes eight Spanish players: Amat, Chico, Rangel, Michu, Pablo, Pozuelo and Álvaro, is already looking for a new tenant for the bench.

President Huw Jenkins argued, “It’s a decision we’ve reluctantly taken, but we’ve had to take it looking for the best for Swansea City.”

Laudrup, on whose future he had speculated a lot in other clubs after the good course he signed last season, expanded his relationship with the Welsh team until 2015 to direct him in his debut in European competitions in the framework of a coveted and promoted project long-term.

“After thinking long and hard about which will be the best way for the club, I came to the conclusion that it would be unlikely that with continuity we would achieve a stable environment,” concludes Jenkins. The player Garry Monk and Alan Curtis, with special weight for this second, take charge of the establishment.

The Swansea City

EL swansea City Associations Football Club is a football club in Wales of the city of Swansea. It was founded in 1912 and plays in the Premier League of England. Founded in 1912 as Swansea Town AFC adopted in 1963, after obtaining Swansea city status, its current denomination. He joined the Football League in 1921 and is a member since then. Between 1981 and 1983 he played in the First Division, the highest category of English football, finishing sixth in his first season. In the 2010-2011 season he achieved promotion to the Premier League, being the first club in Wales to contest this competition since its founding in 1992.

The Swansea City is one of the 6 Welsh teams that participate in the English League. Until 1992 the FAW np organized no league tournament, with the launch of the Welsh Premier League Swansea refused the invitation to participate in it. In 1996 he stopped participating in the Welsh Cup.

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