Summary of the match between West Ham and Huddersfield Town



Having started the new Premier League season, West Ham has sought to score points on the English table and achieved their first win against Huddersfield Town FC; Let’s see what happened in this match. Do not forget to buy the tickets online quickly so that you take advantage of great offers.

Huddersfield Town FC

This club has never won the Premier League but does possess three consecutive titles of the English competition of First Division when still it was called Football League First Division. He does not have distinctive titles in the last years and it is from this season that will be in the Premier.

The London Olympic Stadium would welcome Huddersfield on 11 September for the fourth day of the Premier League; West Ham; by this time, West Ham had fallen to Manchester United 4-0 on the first date.

On Matchday 2, they lost 3-2 to Southampton and in the third, they failed to beat Newcastle and fell 3-0.

It was now or never for West Ham!

First half

When the game started, West Ham looked a little confident and kept a fluid game; some good plays, which included the Mexican Chicharito Hernandez gave chances of very dangerous goal for the Huddersfield.

In the 40 ‘, Kouyate makes a shot that could become a goal for West Ham, but the shot went wide.

Fulfilled the time of the first half, the main adds two extra minutes that culminated with a score to zero for both clubs.

Although he did not open the scoring in this part, the game was moved and favored, in possession of the ball, to West Ham.

Second half

In the first ten minutes, Chicharito achieved several good shots, very threatening for his rival; however, nothing definite in goals, but the Mexican did not seem to want to surrender.

Already for 64 ‘, Chicharito is replaced by Ayew.

In the 70 ‘, the first goal for West Ham would come thanks to a shot outside the Obiang area. Now, the game goes 1-0 and London Stadium cheered their team.


In the 77 ‘, a corner shot is awarded to West Ham and this becomes a goal thanks to Ayew, to add 2-0 to Huddersfield Town FC.

After 90 minutes, the referee added 4 extras, but they did not affect the hammers’ score.

With this victory, the first of the Premier League, the club added its first three points and broke the bad stretch with which it had started the championship.

Good thing West Ham did not give up! Now, he should prepare to face West Bromwich Albion on the next day as a visitor.

What did you think of this West Ham match? We invite you not to miss the next results of the Premier League and remember to buy tickets online to support your team. Get the best deals by making your purchase in advance!

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