A significant investment for Chelsea signings

Chelsea is betting on Conte and his plans to get new signings, so he has had plenty of money to keep the streak he has with the Italian until now; The fan base has shown their support to the team and faithfully went to buy the tickets online to demonstrate their contentment.
Preparing for the Champions
It is no secret that Conte is following the Champions League next season and therefore wants to renew his squad with up to six new players.
For these plans, it is said that the Chelsea Directive has disposed of 233 million euros.
Conte Security
The team also wants to be sure that it will continue to count on Antonio as their coach since thanks to him they managed to win the Premier League this year.
Due to the dismissal of the coach of Milan, Chelsea may feel overwhelmed as the Italian club could try to hire their coach, as he is among the most quoted at the moment.
It is said that this is one of the reasons why they have had so much money to please Conte.
After rumors that the Belgian Eden Hazard would leave Chelsea because Real Madrid was willing to pay a lot of money for him, Hazard decided to remain with Chelsea. What has not yet been confirmed is if they improved the Belgian contract with the Blues which ends in June 2020.
There was the talk of a figure of 350 thousand euros a week to avoid Hazard leaving, if so, Eden would be the highest paid player in the Premier.
Another 20 million would be earmarked to get Scotland-based defender Kieran Tierney, just 19, who would act as a center.
Conte also wants to pay a hefty sum for Fernando Llorente, Álvaro Morata, Virgil van Dijk and midfielder Bakayoko.
It is also said that he intends to return to Lukaku, whom Mourinho did not trust and sent him to Everton.
Months ago there was the talk of switching to Michy Batshuayi who last summer cost about 40 million to the team that dealt him to Olympique de Marseille.
But it is not yet known that in the match before the WBA that gave them the title, Conte showed a vote of confidence with Batshuayi and put him to the ground with 14 minutes to complete. Batshuayi did not disappoint him and scored the winning goal in 88 ‘.
Then did the same, at the farewell party when the game went 3-3 to the Watford.
On the other hand, it had been said that James Rodriguez would play for Chelsea if the change had been made with Eden Hazard. Now we have to wait since Hazard stayed with the blues.
The biggest hope of what will happen in the transfer bag rests on Chelsea, for being the current champions, for having someone like Conte and for being willing to spend a lot of money.
Their fans expect a renewed roster that will strengthen them as a template and encourage them to buy the tickets online to offer their full support to a Chelsea champion who walks after the Champions League. You can visit this website to purchase tickets online quickly

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