Roque Mesa is already Swansea player; Iborra, Leicester


UD Las Palmas and Swansea City have been able to reach an agreement for the transfer of the Gran Canario player Roque Mesa to the Welsh team, which participates in the English Premier League, for an estimated amount of 12.5 million euros plus a succession of variables, as has been stated by the Island Club officially.

Roque Mesa, a 28-year-old player who had a contract until 2020, with an annulment clause for 30 million euros, and thus is now disconnected from the “Union Deportiva”, which will receive the largest amount of money in all his history in the sale I said, footballer. It should be noted that in the case of a possible and future transfer of this player to another team by Swansea, Las Palmas would receive 15% of the surplus value.

On the other hand, the contract also states that if there is a possibility that the yellow team has an economic benefit in the case in which the player participates in at least one game with the Spanish team, the Islander added in the statement. Similarly, Swansea City is committed to participating in a friendly at the Stadium de Gran Canarias in the following seasons.

Roque Mesa made his first debut in the 2011-12 season under the command of Juan Manuel Rodríguez, and after a succession of assignments managed to meet this year his third consecutive season in the first yellow team.

The sports union La Palmas thanks, Roque Mesa for “his great professionalism and commitment” and wishes him “many successes in his new professional stage”.

Roque Mesa Quevedo

Roque Mesa Quevedo known as Roque Mesa is a famous Spanish player, born in Telde, Las Palmas, Spain on June 7, 1989. He plays the position of midfielder and currently plays for the team of the Swansea City Association Football Club of the Premier League.

Roque started in grassroots clubs in the municipality of Telde. With only 15 years of age resigned the cadet of UD Tele to give the passage to Levant UD. In the season 2007-2008 managed to advance to the branch of Segundo B.

In the 2016-2017 season, he continued to progress, becoming the undisputed leader of a team celebrated by most of the sports press.

In July 2017 was transferred to the Swansea City team of Welsh Premier League, a transaction that valued at 12.5 million. Signing a 4-year contract with the “swans”

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