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The strategy of attack used by the whole of Real Madrid has been a great impact because the front formation of its three great figures has formed a formidable trident. Benzema, Bale, and Cristiano are the members of the BBC that has given so much success to the white team.

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The famous trident of the team of Real Madrid has so far added a total of 331 goals in 199 games that have played the eleven since he has these three players in his squad. They started playing together one season before Barcelona FC where they have 47 games more.

Of those 300 goals that have added the BBC, Cristiano Ronaldo has in his personal account 180 targets in

169 matches, followed by Benzema with 86 goals and Bale has accumulated 65 goals. In the scoring aspect, Real Madrid depends less on the BBC than Barcelona FC when he had his trident. The goals of “CR7”, Bale and Benzema in these seasons account for 60% of the total goals of the team, while those achieved by white opponents Messi, Suárez and when it was Neymar represented 71% of those achieved in the Barca.

The following will be presented a statistical table comparing both tridents the BBC and MSN


BBC                        PJ                           MINUTOS                            GOALS                                 ASSISTANCE

BALE                      16                             1312                                    7                                              4

BENZEMA            20                              1383                                    10                                          3

CHRISTIAN          19                              1683                                     16                                          6

TOTAL                   55                              4978                                    33                                           13

MSN                      PJ                           MINUTES                             GOALS                                  ASSISTANCE

MESSI                   20                              1654                                    23                                          8

SUAREZ                                21                             1721                                    15                                           5

NEYMAR              18                              1605                                    6                                             13

TOTAL                   59                            4980                                     44                                          26


A comparison with Barcelona FC is made for being the strongest rival that has Real Madrid and for also having a strong trident. MSN trident numbers are summed up in 44 goals and 26 assists. While the BBC in 33 goals and 13 assists. It is to mention that the white team has played a game more than the bluegrana in the season. The Barcelona have had 25 games and the targets 26. In accumulated minutes on the pitch the BBC: 4,378. The MSN: 4.980

In the BBC of Real Madrid, the most outstanding has been Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese has been the most outstanding player of his team in the three sections of the game: minutes 1683, goals 16, assists 6. It is to mention that the Portuguese have lost four disputes for injury and in other three was not summoned, before the Alaves, Cultural Leonesa, and sports.

By trophies, the BBC has surpassed the MSN by 2-1. The trident of Real Madrid has won the two finals he has played, the European Super Cup and the Club World Cup. The trident of the Culé MSN also has its successes to be one of one winner, the Supercup of Spain, against Sevilla.


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