Posters in the Camp Nou Calling for Freedom and Justice



The Republic of Catalonia is going through a difficult situation due to the independence of the same, so the FC Barcelona fans are not happy with the tense situation that Catalonia is experiencing today, in support of Barcelona FC players, the fans enter to the authorized websites to buy the tickets online, in this way to support the players through the messages they express through banners.

Participation of the Fanaticada on the Political Situation in Barcelona

A large number of fans of the Camp Nou participated in the different acts of vindication, you could see a multitude of banners, a typo and a giant `senyera` in different points of the stands of Barcelona FC stadium, the spectators continued their chants with demands in several moments of the game.

The Camp Nou has become a political scenario

In every game played by Barcelona FC at the Camp Nou, the city’s stadium becomes festivities, applause, ovations, and even notes by Els Segadors on occasion, a custom that was expected to change in the league match against Sevilla, to follow in the wake of what has happened recently in Barcelona.

The applause that had to become silent, specifically in five minutes of silence, ended in cries of “Freedom, Freedom”, to ask for the release of the “political prisoners” after the application of Article 155, above all that the stadium stands Barcelona is adorned with a typhus in which you could see a giant flag with the word ” justice“.

The Support of FC Barcelona Fanatics

The culé fans are very aware of what is happening in Barcelona and everything concerning the club, the difficult situation that recently lives in Catalonia is alarming and fans do not stop regularly entering the web to find out.

About what is related to this situation and to also buy the tickets online to attend the matches played by Barcelona FC at the Camp Nou, in this way to continue supporting the team through messages expressed by means of banners.

Coach’s Opinion Valverde Regarding the Situation

The Barcelona FC coach, Ernesto Valverde, did not want to assess the situation in Catalonia, “they are busy days, each player has his responsibility, mine is to try to make my team win, it has not happened yet that we are out of the league, we are talking about an assumption, “Valverde said in a press conference, he added, I am aware of what is happening here, but I focus on the team and on the sport.

The tense situation that Catalonia is going through is making Spain and the world talk, thousands of Barcelona FC fans around the world are very concerned about the recent situation, given that Barcelona FC hangs by a thread, what if article 155 applies could be left out of the league.


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