One of the most important tennis players in the history of Rolan Garros: Björn Borg

He was a former Swedish tennis player who shone in the history of the sport as few tennis players had the opportunity to do it between 1973 and 1981. He is remembered as one of the top five tennis players in all of tennis history. Born in Stockholm on June 6, 1956, he lived all his youth in the city of Södertälje. Winning 61 tournaments throughout his career, which 11 were Grand Slam.
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Borg took first place in the ranking of the players during six different periods between 1977 and 1981, giving a total of 109 weeks. It should be noted that the most important achievement was when he won the win at Roland Garros and Wimbledon, known as “the most complicated double to do in tennis” for three years in a row, was something that people And even some players considered it very complicated even now they still think the same.
In the year 1980, he left triumphant in the Roland Garros without being defeated in any set during all the match. This was something that Roger Federer managed to achieve 27 years later, the same feat in the Australian Open and that equally managed to match Rafael Nadal’s record, not to lose even a single in the entire tournament in 2008. Borg was a solid player during his career. His strokes were powerful from the back of the field with an imposing topspin. He was elevated as the first and successful player to use the game mode that is currently used by players today.
Being right-handed, he possessed a two-handed setback and unconventional gameplay, possibly the consequence of not having a trained in his early years in tennis. Similarly, to be able to work better on the grass at Wimbledon, which made his style of play more complicated, he learned the style of serve and volley, which would avoid the deterioration of his game from the line of the end.
His calm attitude and his lack of expressiveness, in the points he gained as in which he lost, gave him the name of “The Ice Man” or “Iceborg”, resembling the icebergs that are located in the icy waters. Borg did not lose his composure, and the disadvantages in the trial did not affect his mood, so it was normal to see him recover from moments that looked disadvantageous to him.
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