Napoli vs Feyenoord, Champions League match.



The Champions League continues to advance and gives many teams a chance to demonstrate what they train so much, in a stadium where the judges will be themselves with their fans. This event has already landed on the second day of the group stage and with this, each club begins to profile itself as winner or loser.

Today we will talk about the match between Napoli vs Feyenoord. The Italians and the Dutch are not the enemies of history so their parties do not usually generate that tension that in other cases is revealed by just stepping into the entrance of the venue where the encounter will be, but we can not deny that there were no moments of emotion between these two clubs, a fact that made those who chose to buy tickets online were happy to win or lose.

The Napoli at home

The match took place at San Paolo stadium on 26 September at 14:45 h. Both Napoli and Feyenoord have been in the Champions League group F for a long time, and it is clear that both are at the end of the standings which is not good news for any of those clubs, but that we knew after this game will take place so as you are still trying to grab the thread to what has happened or will happen, look who is who leads the way now.

1 only goal in the first half

We all know that clubs are looking to score as many goals as they can in the first half because they want to show up as the dominant or controlling players. In this case, Lorenzo Insigne was the one who had that between eyebrow and eyebrow and showed it before the ten minute. The goal of Insigne seemed very spontaneous and natural, the defense and goalkeeper of the Feyenoord were very well positioned and clear that they could avoid it only that did not happen.

2 goals in the second half for Napoli

Napoli continued to play the lead after Insigne’s goal, they tried to score 4 times more but both the goalkeeper and the defenses of Feyenoord avoided those 4 goals. That was not enough because Napoli did not want to go along with a goal, so when the 49th minute arrived Dries Mertens joined the group of those who wanted to remain in the Champions with annotations, and after him came Jose Maria Callejón in the 70 ‘to mark the last of this match for Napoli.

1 of a miracle for the Feyenoord

The Dutch club also had opportunities, 7 to be exact, what happened is that the goalkeeper of Napoli was not in the mood to let himself score goals that day … the moment that was noticed more was when they gave the +3 after the 90 minute, Sofyan Amrabat made a goal to not leave in total shame to Feyenoord but even though Napoli had won the game, the goalkeeper was very much altered and hit the grass as if his work had been lousy. They are things that happen and that eventually forget, so if you want to enjoy football do not forget to buy tickets online.

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