Liverpool gets into the Champions League 2017-2018.



The Reds were not in the Champions League from the 2014- 2015 season, with more suffering than expected, Liverpool return to the UEFA Champions League, finished fourth in the Premier League and will play the preliminary phase after winning the team Middlesbrough, buy your ticket online.

Since the 2014- 2015 season, the network’s team did not appear in the ranks of the UEFA Champions League, a participation in the last 7 seasons is too little for the Anfield team.

Entering the Classification

The Liverpool FC team sealed their UEFA Champions League qualifying and made it through the door after thrashing the Hoffenheim team (4 – 2) that ran into the most lethal version of the “Red’s”, it was not a night anyone, since Liverpool was playing the season in Europe and Anfield roared as in his best times, when that happens the team flies and believes invincible, so he felt before the Hoffenheim in an exquisite first half was something so accurate and forceful that the communion between their fans and their players could be observed in each delivery of ball, each time and in each goal, until three celebrated the whole of Jurgen Klopp until the break, throwing in a fulminant start where the locals left the tie and all without Coutinho, even outside the team.

Game Summary

This was what the Hoffenheim had to face, a team so unique to Angelman’s orders that sometimes his game is reckless, too many conceptions he did to Liverpool FC, were unstoppable when he detected the spaces. Mane came in from the left with the intention of giving Emre Can the lead, but his rocket of a shot rattled the crossbar.

He did not stop there, the 20-minute Liverpool overpowered the Germans, bewildered in a stadium that completely shut them out, Wijnaldum used the rejection of a ball to Firmino wood to dunk and score the second at minute 18 and so just three minutes later, a collective work of art was the third, after a triangulation finalized again by Emre Can at minute 21.

To the English however, they relieved so much superiority that they made a mistake that Hoffenheim thanked to cut distances, “Uth”, who entered the equator of the first half to compact the team, which received the ball at the apex of the area and it crossed to give the emotion to the shock to minute 28, the madness was less in the resumption, Liverpool agrees that the classification was a fact to the lack of confirmation, but even with a slower pace, the ones of Klopp rounded up its action with the fourth for the Reds, scored by Firmino, who only had to accompany the ball to the net after Henderson’s recovery to the last defender of the ‘Hoffe’ (63). For the anecdote was Wagner’s goal for Hoffenheim ten minutes from the end, after heading a center Zuber, buy your ticket online.

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