Liverpool crushed Maribor, 7-0



The whole of Liverpool was placed as leader of group E, after thrashing on Tuesday by 7 goals to 0 to the team of Slovenian Maribor, the most decisive victory at home of the Liverpool in his long career in European competitions.

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Indeed. The whole of Liverpool was placed as the new leader of group E, after thrashing 7 goals to 0, Slovenian Maribor, the most decisive victory at home of the English, being this marker the reflection of the pressure of the whole of Liverpool from the whistle initial that drowned the locals.

With the fruit of Salah’s pressure, the first goal of Liverpool came four minutes into the game, the work of Roberto Firmino, who only had to push the ball to the net and at 13 minutes the Brazilian filtered a perfect pass to James Milner. it became the second score for his team.

The player Mohamed Salah had a sensational game, that at 19 minutes he signed the undisputed 3 to 0, with a subtle touch and in the 40th minute, he scored the 4 goals to 0, which went to the break. Four goals that did not appease the voracity of the English team, which just after the nine minutes of the second half, added again through Firmino, the 5 goals to 0, which left his team just a bit to sign his victory more blunt at home in continental competitions.

Midfielder Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain signed 6 goals to 0 in the 86th minute and youngster Trent Alexander – Arnold set the final 7 goals to 0, in the 90th minute.

The English team commanded by Jurgen Klopp tried to add his first win in the 2017-2018 season of the European competition, after two discrete draws in the previous dates, in search of group leadership. After two commitments fulfilled, Liverpool escorts Sevilla in the standings with two points, followed by Spartak Moscù, while Maribor, with only one unit, is the bottom of the table.

“The weather is excellent, the field is better. Everything depends on us”. I point out in the antechamber of the commitment Darko Milanic strategist of the Slovenian side, who has made it clear to hope to have alive the hopes for the locals.

Liverpool returns to its habitat

Since 2015 they did not play in a Champions League to which the five-time champion of the Oregon returns. With Klopp, the English have won in competitiveness and returns to their habitat, a Champions League to which they agreed to be among the best four of the Premier League. The passionate and fast football of the German coach opens with Liverpool among the best in Europe.

Two years ago they played the Europa League final. Now they have the Champions League.

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