Harry Kane, the star of Tottenham.



The Tottenham records one of his best beginnings in the Premier League and in Europe, part of those successes is due to the Englishman Harry Kane, who is the star of the club.

This player has been a participant in the great upheaval that the Wembley club is having and having this crack in his squad has started to raise the ranking of ticket offices to buy the tickets and watch him play live or online.

He is a born goal scorer

Harry Kane has three consecutive campaigns being the top scorer of Tottenham and the Premier League, the league with more competition in the world, with 21 goals in 2014/15, 25 in 2015/16 and 29 in the last edition 2016/17.

His goals are devastating, and that makes the forward of the “Spurs” be sought by the most successful clubs in Europe and the world, so much so that the club has given him a contract with unique clauses.

Up to Diego Armando Maradona

Diego Armando Maradona “the fluff” had the opportunity to attend the awards “The Best” and there he met the English goalscorer, and said a few words, as he is impressed with the striker’s striker: “Scorer, as the club You’re the backbone of the club, you put it all. ”

The Tottenham willing to everything to not let it go

The Tottenham is willing to do everything possible to keep its main star and that is why it has offered a millionaire renovation to Harry Kane.

The English crack has not stopped to see a door in these last three seasons and the “Spurs” will do what is necessary to not let it go, as it is one of the best players in the Premier League and even in Europe.

Harry Kane is these moments, the footballer that is fashionable both in the Premier League and in Europe. To the star of Tottenham, half of Europe wants it. But Harry Kane in spite of everything has always made it clear that nobody has given him anything, and that he has achieved everything on his own merits and that Tottenham is the club of his life.

Harry Kane has a spectacular stride, is a threat in the air game, and has a huge ball hit. He has intelligence. Dominate your space, which allows you to anticipate and arrive before any player to the ball.

Always “Spurs”

He was Tottenham squad member, was loaned to several teams during his start as a professional, teams such as Norwich and Leicester City. Since his definitive return to the summer market in 2013, the English striker has not stopped growing and breaking scoring records. of the club.

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