The great signing of Bonucci by AC Milan



The Italian team AC Milan has confirmed the signing of the center Leonardo Bonucci, is already official belonging to the club, this signing has become the eighth incorporation to readjust the Italian oncena after reaching a good agreement with Juventus Turin, next season Buy your tickets Online.

Different Italian media confirm that the amount by which AC Milan did business with the “juve” is about 40 million euros. The Italian player will have responsibility in the field of play to be captain of the team during the next season, being this, one of the clauses that have been fixed in its new contract.

The mission of AC Milan is to make Bonucci one of the pillars that supports the bases of the new project of the team and for that reason will be “assigned” the captain’s armband. It should be noted that what is agreed in the contract is that the player covers an amount of 7.5 million euros plus a bonus that can bring him closer to 10 million euros per season.

On the other hand, Bonucci remains captain and leader of this renewed AC Milan, because in the last opinions of the Italian central ensures that he is helping to close another signing of the Lombard box Claudio Marchisio.

According to him, Bonucci would have personally called an old colleague to persuade him to tarnish AC Milan. If the block “Rossoneri” managed to close the signing of the midfielder “bianconero”, Montella and the oncena would close the market for signings.

Annoying aficionados by abandonment of Leonardo Bonucci to the juve

The change made by the Italian central continues bringing many “buts” in Italy. The footballer, who has been styled a traitor by Juventus fans in Turin, has accepted an interview with “gazzetta Dello Sport” to explain the reasons for his trip to AC Milan.

“It’s not a question of money, I decided to come here because there is a more ambitious project” said the Italian defender. “Whoever calls me a mercenary told him that he had offers from abroad, where he would have won a lot more,” said Bonucci, who had a succinct proposal from Manchester City among other powerful clubs.

He continued to center saying “In four years I hope to win the Champions League, I want to win them all” said the defender now AC Milan. “Now for my only AC Milan account, Juventus is past. I am grateful for what they gave me, with them I became one of the best centers in the world. The team and Allegri made clear decisions and I acted accordingly, “said the Italian player, in addition to admit having a different vision to that of the coach of the Juve.

A little more from Leonardo Bonucci

Leonardo Bonucci is a player born in Italy. He was born on May 1, 1987, at the age of 30. He played for Juventus and just signed for AC Milan.

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