Federer-Nadal: A Wimbledon rivals story

As we approach the date of the Wimbledon championship we can relive past emotions, one of these is when we combine two names Federer-Nadal, where we can only imagine the great historical rivalry that identifies them, it has transpired people over the years, as well as its professional growth.
These two great tennis players have given the world unimaginable and unforgettable encounters, and have sold out the tickets by buying them online to go to matches and be close to the court.
Many sports critics have said that these characters have recorded the greatest rivalry in the history of tennis. You cannot deny that they are two great players, charismatic, talented and also very positive.
The numbers
Federer and Nadal are different alike, both are the only men who have managed to stay in the top of the ranking for more than 5 consecutive years. Federer remained in the number 1 position for about 237 weeks and Nadal was ranked number 2 for a record 160 consecutive weeks. Something that would be invested in 2008 when Nadal drops Federer to box number 2, to position himself in the top of the ranking.
Federer regained his position in 2009 after becoming a champion in the Wimbledon final, where he also became the first player with more Grand Slam titles won.
While Nadal returns to the first place in 2010, winning the Roland Garros and the Wimbledon final and a few days later Nadal returns to make history when completing the Golden Slam winning the United States Open. In other words, both players have potential.
The story began in 2005 at the Roland Garros when they both met in the semifinal of the Grand Slam, game that sentenced Nadal winning 3 sets. After that, they disputed the finals by three consecutive years of the French Open and Wimbledon, being the end of Wimbledon 2008 considered like one of the best games of the history.
From there, the encounters were not easy for both players. The positioning of both in the ranking also means a major dispute, as well as maintaining the time record at the bottom of the scoreboard.
There are quite significant aspects that further accentuated the rivalry in the courts between them, for example Nadal prevented Federer from obtaining the Grand Slam defeating him consecutively from 2005 to 2008, and in turn Federer prevented Nadal several times to take the tournament of the teachers since he beat him in 2006-2007 and 2010-2011.
The style, the technique and the different personalities make this rivalry something irresistible to follow. Despite their differences and similarities in the game, off the court these two characters have a quiet relationship and friendship. A match Federer – Nadal in a Wimbledon 2008 style is something not to be missed, a hundred people would bet on buying a ticket via online to see a match like this.
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