The classic Manchester City v Manchester United


The Manchester City and Manchester City classic is non-apt for people with heart problems. The rivalry to maintain control of the city is something immensely intense, where both clubs try to make clear who is the master and lord of the English courts.

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In an English duel that took place in the United States, Manchester City faced Manchester United where the “red devils” were imposed with all their artillery and crushed the City two-nil, thus staying with the first classic from the season.

In this match was well deserved the victory of Manchester United, who kept the first classic of the city in the 2017- 2018 season, after defeating Manchester City two-nil in the international Champions Cup, a game that took place in North America, where the main players were Romelu Lakaku and Marcus Rashford who scored the goals for the United.

Mourinho’s team won over its rivals and even more in the first half, where they were ahead of two goals. The first of them was thanks to his current star Romelu Lukaku at the 36th minute which opened the board. The striker won the ball to Ederson and scored with category within the area.

At the meeting there was a moment when Manchester City seemed to react, they began to move the ball quickly and had opportunities near the area trying to intimidate the opposite and unbalance the defenses of Manchester United and for a moment they succeeded. But at the most euphoric moment Marcos Rashfurd dressed himself as a hero and gave the final thrust, hurting his rivals mortally with a sure shot, from that moment the encounter took another path.

The following history of the match started with little intensity and its rate fell considerably by the changes of both teams and although Manchester City had dominated the ball, it was difficult for them to notice and create the opportunities.

It has to be highlighted that at the end of the match the score remained static and Manchester United achieved a significant victory and, of course, they give their fans a motive to celebrate and a good feeling in all levels, but firstly they provide people to see the results of its new signing Lukaku who does a very good pair with the other striker Rashford.


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The Manchester Derby in the 60s

This is the name given to football matches between Manchester United and Manchester City. Despite the strong rivalry that exists in the Derby today, both sets used to be called simply Manchester, especially in the ’60s when the sympathy of both clubs spread throughout the city. It also has a unique bond because in several situations unity and solidarity have united the city. The two men came together to pay homage to the death of 23 miners in 1889 alongside Ardick Football Club and Newton Health, playing a fund-raising match during World War II at Old Trafford Stadium.

Both English clubs had a record of local audiences in the history of their football (the City with 84,569 in 1934) and (United with 83,260 in 1939).

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