Cholo Simeone, an icon for Atletico Madrid



Diego Pablo Simeone, is a 47-year-old Argentinian, all known as the Simeone Choo. Currently Cholo is the coach of Atletico Madrid, where he has been for five years and means, time where he has managed to bring a lot of victories to the team and is that the cholo with his great performance managed to become the icon of Atletico Madrid, being until the moment the coach who has remained for a long time in the rojiblanco set, it is not only the time that cholo has in the Atletico but the great advance that has had the team in his hands, due to this football lovers and fans of this club are planning to buy their tickets online so as not to miss details of what is coming.

Undoubtedly Simeone is a person with well-designed goals and has demonstrated both in the field and on the bench, during his footballing stage he gave the all for the whole in each team he was in and during his time together rojiblanco demonstrated to be a leader, now on the bench is still giving everything to win, really Cholo Simeone is a deep lover of football

Simeone still at the Atletico Madrid

Coach Cholo announced in a last press conference that will continue in club, and were several comments about the desire that the technician had to leave the Atletico, nevertheless in said press conference also announced that to stay left a series of guidelines until the times are unknown and the club must abide by, which should not be a problem since the Teno Cholo and the directors of the club has a very close relationship of friendship, that is to say we have cholo at least for one more season.

Cholo announced that his decision to stay in the club is because Atletico still has a future and wants to continue being part of each success of the club, so we see that every time Cholo goes out to train his team does with the best attitude believing in each player of the club and what is able to give.

Atletico Madrid Victories against Simeone

So far Diego Simeone has done an excellent job with Atletico Madrid managed to be Atletico coach during 200 games with 354 goals in favor and until the moment he has managed to reach belt titles, during his first five months reached his first title which was the Europa League, followed by two Super Cups of Spain, the league and the king’s cup.


Cholo was able to win a great reputation in the Atletico, achieved to be three times the best coach in the league and being fifth coach with the best reputation in the world, you can buy tickets online and enjoy the excitement of football.

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