Chelsea’s best striker

Known for his good performance in the blue team this player is characterized by being a warrior, blue-collar gladiator whose title is “the best striker in the world”, Diego Costa is Chelsea’s best striker according to the Italian Antonio Conte. Buy your tickets online, follow closely the passion of football.
The 28-year-old broke his scoring drought in the 34th minute after scoring twice for the Southampton team (4-2), thus increasing to 19 goals this season in the Premier League.
Antonio Conte’s affirmations
Neither Messi nor Ronaldo, this is the best striker in the world says Blues director Antonio Conte, the Italian takes into account that one of the players of the blue squad, Diego Costa, may take another path the next season and for that reason the Italian director has extended a little to its center forward.
Having talent is very important in this game, but I like a player who is a warrior on the field. And I like, above all, if the talented players show that they work hard during each encounter, these were words given by the Italian director when referring to the player.
The Spaniard participation
So far this season, the Spaniard has made several appearances, starting with the first date against West Ham where manages to score a bit giving the victory to the blue team in the first date, against the Watford achieved a goal allowing the 3 points in the day 4 through individual plays frame the tie playing with Swansea City.
After that in the day 7 in the minute 66 scores another goal and in the 8 notes some of the goals to give the victory to the blues, in the day 10 managed to guide Chelsea to victory against Southampton, it is noteworthy that against the Everton also scores and in Day 11 he puts the blue team on top.
Against the Citizens also participates managing to score, during the date 15 delivery his ninth victory to Chelsea, playing against Crystal Palace gets another 3 points, against Stoke City along with Cahiil and William being this season 19, Spanish appeared also in the Dates 22,26,27,34 and 36 making at least one goal against each rival.
Forward’s numbers
Making a good performance so far this season has achieved a number favorable, to be considered the best in the world, has a total of 89 appearances in which he has scored 52 goals, won 56 games and lost 18, has a total of 16 assists, 2566 completed passes, has had 52 opportunities to steal 65 ball interventions to prevent them from reaching the door, taking into account the 14 individual plays made this season.
Uncertain future
Although it is not known if the striker will remain in the blue team, there are rumors that will dispute his next season with the athletic Madrid, “I do not intend to leave, I feel comfortable with the contract, but if the club wants to sell me already know that there a single team that I am willing to go, people talk a lot that if I go to China that if all that, there is still a world and there are possibilities to play it, “says Costa.
Everyone knows that the Atletico is the only team I would go to, I am calm I have had some conversations with the owners of the club because they called to know about my future, but my stay I choose it, said Costa.
Although it is not known if the blue striker will leave for the Colchoneros team, is very firm in his decision to continue disputing the blue shirt and demonstrate the caliber he has for next season, buy your tickets online and find out about this and other news.
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