Chelsea’s best defenderex

The Chelsea team or popularly known as the “blues”, has a great arsenal in regards to the defense, starting with David Luiz, Cesar Azpilicueta, John Terry, Marcos Alonso, Gary Cahill, are responsible for supporting the goalkeeper and not letting the goal zone to be reached and this show it before the games played officially, buy your ticket online to see this team.
In its last game played against Sunderland won 5 – 1, David Luiz imposed a strike to the forwards the Sunderland, on the other hand, Marcos Alonso impetus a shot and coming to this leaves the first goal executed by William, taking into account that thanks to the collaboration and team work, the Blues maintain a streak of 30 victory, 15 of their last games played at home, 83 points since the last 96 available and 85 goals scored, thus achieving their second best season reached.
Unstoppable for next rounds
Chelsea have already put themselves to work with a willingness to focus on places that are fragile when defending to achieve in this way that they can shine in the Champions League, this goal will be achieved through the players who are given to other clubs, taking into account that players who can be called are considered from a higher level, players like Juan Guillermo Cuadrado, Loic Remy, Van Ginkel, to name a few.
More than defenders, they are called to make goals
The blue team defenders are also bold in the moment of goals, when it presents the opportunity come out and launches the counterattack that usually plays as a success, examples of these can be seen when defender Cahill against Manchester United To minute 20 was in charge to increase the marker of the blues and finished with a result a 4 -0.
In another opportunity in the day 11, Marcos Alonso allowed the sacred shout before Everton achieving a total of 5 – 0 in favor of the blue team, considering that it could have scored more goals but the destiny did not want it, before the Stoke City again Cahill at minute 33 opening the so many goals winning 4-2.
Marcos Alonso striking on the left is not far behind by two goals against Leicester allows to strengthen the leadership of Chelsea in the Premier League with 7 points of advantage over Tottenham, David Luiz acted before Liverpool achieving both the tie at the 26th minute through a shot to the goal in the day 23.
Recently, other heroes joined the legendary blue captain John Terry and Azpilicueta joining Batshuayi and Fabregas, giving them the victory against Watford, celebrating their triumph as champion of the Premier League, thanks to these defenders we can see that the Chelsea team has more than one defense, it has a team ready to leave everything on the field characterized by the excitement of London, now you can buy your ticket online and find out about this and more.
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