Chelsea Spanish players

Chelsea’s team not only have English players, there are also players who are key to the development which despite not being English make the football sound like this well-known expression “The beautiful game”. Buy your ticket online and discover more curiosities of football.
Spanish Sensation
The Spanish players are fashionable in the Premier League, with performances such as Marcos Alonso, Pedro, Diego Costa, Azpilicueta and Fabregas carry a total of 49 so far as the season, the performances of each of the Spaniards have been of great relevance before the leadership of Chelsea. With all the goals scored represent 61.1% of Chelsea’s goals.
In the Spanish league none of the teams has this figure, the closest is Atletic with 25, the second is Eibar with 20 and Valencia with 20, it is noteworthy that each of the blue Spaniards has good numbers; Azpilicueta had 4 assists and a goal, Marcos 3 assist and 6 goals, Fabregas 13 assists 7 goals, Diego Costa 7 assists 21 goals and finally Pedro 11 assists 14 goals only this season with the Italian Conte.

Rojigualda signings

Rumors are heard that for the next season more Spanish players could be added to the Blues team, in order to prepare for the Champions League, Antonio Conte in direct collaboration with Michael Emánalo, are working on reinforcing a squad that could expand the Rojigualda squad.

Incorporating a center, two sides, a striker and a midfielder is the ambitious plan that holds the Italian director in the next summer market, taking into account that John Terry’s departure is definitive.

Interest replacement

Three footballers want to keep Conte on the team next season and has already made it known to prone buyers, who would only leave London through a transfer. In the position of Azpilicueta and Marcos Alonso who have completed a fantastic season, Conte wants relays full guarantees warning the hard schedule that will have the blues.
The next season, although it is named the negotiation of Dani Alves that could provoke the transfer of Cuadrado in a definitive way to the beast lady. It acquires more force the name of Juanfran, the sportsman who was related to the boat having as many as they have in sight to Iñigo Matinéz, Diego Llorente, Morata or Laporte, if you want to see what is going to happen, do not wait any longer and buy your tickets online.
Conte needs more people to win the Champions League.

The Italian director says that a stronger team is needed to achieve great aspirations, Iñigo Matinéz of the Real Sociedad, Diego Llorente loaned by Real Madrid to Málaga and Aymeric Laporte of Atletic de Bilbao are three of the names that manage to have substitutions of the team to Terry and have the center of the rear next to Cahill, David Luiz and Zouma and thus reinforce the blue team. Buy your tickets online and become part of the Chelsea team.
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