The 3 best players of Manchester City in 2017



The Manchester City is one of the most important English teams today, where they have players in their ranks of very high level, which has prompted the club to evolve every day more, in fact, they have won their first match of the Champions League in his first phase of games against Feyenoord 4 goals to 0.

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According to the technical director, Pep Guardiola has within his criteria several players that he considers are the best of the team. Among them is the footballer Kevin de Bruyne, who did not score in the last match, but the coach has complimented him, the player gave the fourth goal of the English team which he considers one of the best: “It’s one of the best players I’ve ever seen in my life because he can do absolutely everything. ”

The Spanish coach believes that “he is a top player, of high quality, he is a very stable and professional boy. “We are very happy and proud that he is with us.”

Another player that Guardiola considers to be one of the best in his squad is David Silva, who is a player who shows virtues in the attack, speed, and good dribbling. Silva has a midfield position and his way of playing has left the English club very pleased.

Silva joined Manchester City on June 30, 2010, while competing in the World Cup in South Africa, officially confirmed his transfer to City, for the sum of 33 million euros, signing for 4 years in its new contract. It is noteworthy that his first year was a regular holder in Als Aliens, ending the season with a third place in the Premier League and an FA Cup title.

The midfielder in the following season begins with the Charity dispute against the winner of the 2010-2011 Premier League and top rival Manchester United, who also obtained the title as a result of 3 goals a2. Throughout the season is the undisputed holder, with 6 goals and 15 assists a Manchester City that ends up proclaiming champion of the Premier League 2011-2012.

The famous Argentinean Sergio Kun Agüero, who is on his way to becoming Manchester City’s record goalscorer. This player is the most sagacious, scoring goals as he is and takes advantage of the key moments to score, even in the lead, which is not his specialty and less among the great defenders of English football;

Pep Guardiola talks about Sergio Agüero

Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola said the Argentinian Sergio Agüero is a soccer legend, comment made by the coach after Kun Agüero scored three goals in the win over Watford, by 6 goals to 0 as a visitor

“Hopefully we can make a good celebration because he is a football legend, a part of the club’s history. And that’s good for him. ” Guardiola commented at a press conference after the victory.

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